Full Circle

The little tab says it's been 52 weeks since I posted here.

When I started my live journal account, it was a place for me to write about my sister having breast cancer. About the changes it made in our lives.

Not to very long ago, my sister was released from care. She had reached her five year clean mark. She takes no more meds. She looks great and has lost 80 pounds. I am so grateful to the Fates, the Graces, the Furies, who ever heard my prayers. And blessed my life by answering them.

Life in Houston is good. Post Ike has not been too terribly hard. We had power back on after the initial storm hit us, in -oh the most four hours. W5 says it was four. The folks across from us, and everyone North for 3 or 4 miles, didn't have power until yesterday.

We deal each day with the surprises Lupus can bring. But I am feeling good about my new doctors. They have found a wee mass in my left lung, so we have to jump that hurdle...but oh well. It's really a small one in the big scheme of things.

Been missing B&B something terrible. Not the everyday...well not most of it, but the way I looked forward to Bohemian Dreams and the Drum Jam. They don't have anything like that here in Houston and I miss it. I miss that space between the drummer and the dancer...that synergy.

Lisa and Vic are doing well in Arizona. Lisa's daughter is in Australia in Medical School for a year, then back to Arizona University to finish this leg of it. Shannon is with her as well. I miss Lisa every day. Every hour.

Bran and I have found peace between us again. Thank the Gods. I like it much better this way.

And one of my biggest joys...my cat Keeper. He keeps me company..and he loves me so much it's a joy to have him around. I am, by and large, not a cat person. At all. In any messure of the word...but I love this butter ball. And best of all it's a mutual thing.
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Pagan family arrested for witchcraft!

Press Release
Rhonda and Steve Grouber


Maeven Eller

For immediate release:
October 4th, 2007

Pagan family arrested for witchcraft!

October 4th, 2007 - Little River, South Carolina. Rhonda and Steve Grouber were arrested for practicing witchcraft, and child endangerment. Her son remains in juvenile detention as the courts won't release him into her custody because she is accused of casting spells on two police officers, and being part of the Pagan Motorcycle Gang.

Lt. Kevin Duke wrote out the warrant that he presented to the judge, including her involvement with the Pagan Motorcycle Gang, which was a corruption of her actually being the Pagans Night Out Coordinator for her area.

And if that isn't enough, when the police searched her home, they seized her on-line herbal business computer, as well as her husbands business equipment and computers, rendering them without their family lively hood.

What started out as a neighbor dispute quickly escalated when an angry neighbor called the police about her fear of Rhonda being a witch, and making false allegations of threats made by Ms. Grouber and her son.

Later that night Ms. Grouber and her son were sitting in jail cells. Not able to charge her with the crime of practicing Witchcraft, they held her for the maximum forty eight hours that the law allows without charging her, rendering her unable to attend her sons arraignment. Her son who has been in juvenile detention since the 10th of September, turned 17 on October 3rd. They will not release him to his mother as she has been deemed unfit due to her religious choices. Nor will they release him to his step-father.

To view the search warrants, see the following:



Her son, Spencer Richardson, was said to have been arrested because he had an assault rifle in his possession. Though once in court the officers admitted it was just in the same room as he was. This is in conflict with the warrant Lt. Kevin Duke swore out, where he states Spencer was arrested having the gun in his possession, and drugs in his system. Both counts used to get the warrant issued have been recanted in court, and no drugs were found in the home or Spencer's blood system.

Spencer is a three year ROTC member, and was on the rifle team and Commander of the ROTC Athletics team. He has even attended Marine Boot Camp where he was has been trained in basic military courses including weapons. He was to attend officer school on his 18th birthday. However the courts will not release him because his family owns fire arms. Spencer Richardson was suspended from school based on these charges.

His family has appealed to the community to show him support by writing to him at:

Spencer Richardson
c/o Dept Juvenile Justice
1725 Shivers Rd
Columbia, SC 29212

His parents has been denied visitation because they are not approved for visitation. Even though the case worker has put their name on the list, it always comes up missing when they come to visit. Chastity Doyle, his caseworker, has been as helpful as she can be to the family. She is very new to the idea of paganism, and has been supportive and open minded.

During this time of war, all of our enlisted men and women, despite their religious affiliations, are asked to fight, and possibly lay down their lives, for the noble cause of democracy. All Americans, no matter how they choose to commune with the Divine, are constitutionally afforded the same rights, which include freedom of religion. Freedom of religion means all religions.

Recently, as a nation, we have witnessed the positive affects community support can have when unfair incarcerations happen because of civil rights transgressions. As we all witnessed in the case of the Jena 6, targeting anyone based on race, or as in this case religion, merits a combined community out cry. When any one of us are discriminated against, we are all discriminated against.

Please respond responsibly. Please lift up your voices to help this family. We ask you to write, email, fax, and or call the following numbers on behalf of Spencer, Rhonda and Steve, as a vocal member of the pagan community. In a small town, tucked away in an otherwise quiet southern state, it might be easy for officers and officials to forget the rest of the world might be looking in on their actions. We ask you to be a positive force that resonates the truth that there are many of us, and that we are watching.

"Never Again the Burning Times" survives as more than a mantra, for only as long as it is defended by deed.

These are those deeds.

Maeven Eller
Civil Rights Activist
Pagan Community

Officials to contact:

Office of Juvenile and Family Relations at:

Chastity Doyle
@ The Department Juvenile Justice

Social Worker @ Dept Juvenile Justice
Ms. Benton

Horry County Police Dept.

Chief:Johnny Morgan
E-mail: morganj@horrycounty.org
Fax (843) 248-1886

Arresting Officer who wrote the request for an arrest warrant:
Lt Kevin Duke

Assisting officers are:
Officer Wilson
Officer Demarest

2560 N. Main St.
Suite 7
Conway, SC 29526

Horry County Solicitor's Office
Ms. Fox
1301 2nd Ave, Conway, SC 29526
(843) 915-5460

Magistrate Gerald T Whitley, Jr.
Mailing Address:
107 Highway 57 North
Little River, SC 29566-7050

Physical Address:
107 Highway 57 North
Little River, SC 29566-7050

Court Numbers:
Phone: (843) 915-5292
Fax: (843) 399-6792

Governor Mark Sanford
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12267
Columbia, SC 29211
Fax: 803-734-5167

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J.J./Stella Nova's journey to Summerland

J.J./Stella Nova's candle went out today

Dear J.J. my Stella Nova,

The news of your passing was a surprise. Parting always is.

I posted the sad news far and wide so your brothers and sisters of the craft, and especially so those others that I have named over the years, would know.

And in the village you so loved, I shared the sad news of a sisters passing to little witness. Seems it's not the village I thought it was. I am sure some just didn't know what to say. Ya, that notion will ease my disappointment in them.

In our hearth upon your passing I lit a seven day candle, white. I placed my two Quan Yin statues by it, (because you loved her so) to watch over your journey. It was my hope that a candle dedicated to you, would aid you by lighting your way Stella Nova, to the Summerlands.

Your tent is down now at CSR. And the place we played and danced and sang is gone. They bulldozed Wyldwood to make it a better place for us all. And I am sure it will be lovely. In that place where you camped, I will always here the sounds that remind me of you, will always hear our laughter.

Yesterday I watched the candle flicker and dance, thinking it would go out any minute. And in those moments, like now, I was moved to tears. Perhaps it is because this was the only part of this I could share with you, you dying in Georgia and all. I remembered the first call you ever made to me at B&B. I remember your first womens group in the basement of Sears St. I remember you standing in circle at the closing ritual, among many many others, that Walter and I did for CMA Samhain 2002. It was clasical J.J. the way you spoke up, and what you said. It touched my heart and it stays with me even now. I remember your deep cups, and your wobbly legs because of it. The way you always needed new directions to CSR. The way you mostly missed ritual. The sunny day, under the big pavillion, when we gave you your name, and how happy you were with it. I remember how you came to have Milagro, and Mr. MoJo Rising by your side. I remember all the emails from you...and the last ones that went unanswered, that now I can never really answer.

When I woke to find your candle went out over night last night......., tears over came me. You are the first 'baby' I ever named that has passed across the veils, and I am not certain when the last time was I told you I loved you. I know you circled with others, took on new traditions and studies..and moved on past that place we called Wyldwood, out past a place we call B&B. But I know in my heart how much you loved it, and us...and in that I find great peace.

Stella Nova, the next time we all gather together there in Wyldwood, we'll lift a glass of spirit in your honor and rememberence. Thanks for passing by this way.

I love you,

Mama Maeven

Lon Mile Duquette Workshop

(Posted on behalf Iopan Industries you friendly neighborhood magicians)

Lon Milo Duquette Workshop

August 19, 2006
A full day of Tarot, Magick and The Most Dangerous Secret in the World

Morning Session ~ Advanced Tarot-$50.00 10AM

Following up on his last visit, Lon will be revealing even more wonderful insights into the tarot and its mysteries. This class is especially aimed at students with a basic familiarity of the tarot, and those who wish to add new dimensions to the art of reading the cards for themselves and others.

Lunch social with Lon - $10.00

Mexican: Fajitas, Tamales, Rice, Refried Beans, Chips & Salsa. Bring your favorite books and Lon will sign them during lunch.

Afternoon Session ~ The Key to Solomon's Key and the Goetia-$30.00 1PM

Magick! Knights Templar! Secrets of the Freemasons! (Bring a friend who loves "The Da Vinci Code"!)

This is one not to miss! Lon's research into Freemasonry and the legend of Solomon has yielded some very dramatic results that may well rewrite history. Also, he explains and simplifies the classical magical system of the Goetia, making it accessible and usable for everyone.

Check the calendar for payment details and reservations.

This just in : Appointments for Tarot Readings by Lon will be available following the workshop. Reservations are limited.

If you are interested in a reading, contact Kel at kelpagan@yahoo.com

Lon Milo DuQuette is a star of unique and exceptional brilliance. Although he takes the subjects of Magick, Qabalah and the Western spiritual traditions very seriously, he tries to remember not to take himself too seriously. This rare combination of common sense and self-effacing humor has in the last 15 years secured him a unique and highly respected position in the world of esoteric literature. Hailed by critics as the most entertaining author in the field, (His style has been compared to that of Mark Twain and Robert Benchley.) his books, seminars and radio and television appearances evoke from his audiences a curious mixture of laughter, terror, and wonderment. His magical credentials are impeccable. Since 1975 he has served as a national and international administrative officer of Ordo Templi Orientis, one of the most influential and controversial magical societies of the 20th century. He is an acknowledged authority on the life and magical work of Aleister Crowley, the O.T.O.'s most celebrated and notorious leader, and since 1994 has served as the Order's United States Deputy Grand Master. He is also the Archbishop of Eclesia Gnostica Catholica, the "church" of the O.T.O. DuQuette has authored numerous magical texts including The Magick of Aleister Crowley, Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot, and Angels, Demons, and Gods of the New Millennium, but without question his most popular work is the story of his own life as a practicing ceremonial magician, My Life with the Spirits. His most recent work is The Key to Solomon's Key, an amazing anaysis of the legend of Solomon, jewish history, and the infamous Goetia. He is often called upon to appear on radio and television to comment authoritatively on matters pertaining to the Western Mystery traditions and matters of the occult and is in great demand as a lecturer across the US and England.

Coming to Austin for conference 7/24-25

I am going to be at a conference all day Tuesday, but hope to get to town Monday afternoon, and leave Wednesday sometime, which leaves me sometime for work and play.

Hopefully Monday evening I can schedule a dinner with friends.

You have been warned. Smile.

04/14 Britton's Rockey Horror Picture Show Send Off

(please forward to help spread the good word)

04/14 Britton's Rocky Horror Picture Show Send Off

Time: Cocktail Hour before SpoonFed Show @ CMA
Location: Camp Run–A-Muck where it’s all Pirates all the time formerly known as Gate Keepers Lair a.k.a. B&B’s Camp)

Join with us as we celebrate Britton and his life with us before he moves to Canada this May to live his dream with his husband Engle.

Friday evening, just East past the best revel fire (and the best drumming) in the State of Texas, in the Village of Spirit Haven, join us as we gather to raise a glass in honor of our friend Britton.

Britton's going away party is themed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in our pirate camp, so wrap your mind around those costuming opportunities. Remember this is THE pre-SpoonFed Concert warm it on up extravaganza.

Afterwards all are welcome to join us as we will migrate in style as Britton's Posse to the SpoonFed show and then onto the village revel fire to celebrate and raise a mighty energy in honor or our gods, and of course, our Britton. (please note we will have a ritual to attend in the midst of all of this..)

If you register for the event within the next three days you can still get the advanced ticket price of $50. There is also a new pay out plan,(I highly recommend), available if you write to tickets@magickal-arts.org. So don't miss it don't even be late. You can get more festival information at www.magickal-arts.org

Britton baby, all of us in North Texas appreciate your time and energy as our rep for CMA, and just the wonderful guy you are. We are going to miss you more than words can say.

Feel the love!

Maeven ~ Lead to Gold

Soto sighting

So I have this relatively new friend, who happens to be the mutual friend of many of my nears and dears, M. Soto.

It's crazy about M, you don't see him or hear from him in three months, and then you see him three times in a week.

We had a lovely Saturday night here at Casa de Cinco. He sends his love to all our mutual friends in Austin.

We played in cornmeal by the front door, among other delicious things.

a pin prick in time


21 years ago this very moment my twins were born. I turn to look across the echos those years have left behind, measuring where the years went, how I spent that time. I am reminded of pink princess dresses complete with 'fancy smancy' daydreams, and a little boys laughter, care bear magick journeys in big boxes that was our time machines, our great escapes, to and from other worlds that seem so far away now.

This is the first year I haven't been with them on their birthday. My heartstrings are stretched so tight that their resonance is a bitter sweet song.

Oh how I miss their little hands, their weight in my lap, the sound of their little laughter. What bright and shiny people they have grown into being.

"Mother is the name of God on the lips of children."
The Crow


Spent sometime yesterday slowing down long enough to take stock about everything that lies in front of me, and a great deal of what lies directly behind me in the past year, especially the last four to five months.

So I do what I always do when I can't see the way clear on my own, but know I must find it on my own, I watched 'The Legend of Bagger Vance.'

The movie talks about 'standing'. Standing for what you believe in. Standing by what you came here this time, this go around to do, standing when the only thing you want to do is to lie down and perhaps tune out. As usual it did it's job.

Will Smith (Bagger): Inside each and every one of us is our one, true authentic swing. Something we was born with. Something that's ours and ours alone. Something that can't be learned... something that's got to be remembered.

I don't know all the answers, and these days at late beg many questions. As Bagger says, sometimes you just have to let go and become part of the all that is and all that ever will be and just breath into it.

looking for drug rehabs in North Texas

There is someone in the NT who has asked me to help them find a treatment center for their addiction. They are at the very bottom of the barrel. They have suicidal thoughts.

They do not have insurance, nor as of today, a job.

What recovery options are available for individuals who don't have the money to pay for treatment in North Texas?